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Thursday, 22 September 2011

New and HOT!!

Wordpainter is proud to announce the release of Genation Book 1 Earth Volk and the back story, Grizz - Rise of the Blackguard and of course The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend, available now! Go to: for more details, including the flier posted on the site. Also, visit: for information on the new sci-fi fantasy series Cascade Adventures, available October 1st. Each book will surely keep you reading with anticipation and excitement.
Check it out! Don't get left behind!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

What We're All About

Wordpainter is a newly established company who is set up to make the latest exciting stories available to the public. Talent and quality back our work as boredom and sagging middles do not. Basically, if a story is exponentially cool, it's in. It is our goal to open your mind to original story capabilities you have never experienced before. Wordpainter is somewhat of a mind twister and not very predictable. Readers will come away from our stories with something new to think about. Our books include action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, and they push the boundary of creativity. Some of our titles include The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend, The Coalmont Legend, Cascade Adventures, Journeys of Cascade, Genation, Grizz, Jasper and the Shelter of Angels, and The Good Book Vs. The Bad Book.

At the moment, Wordpainter Publishing is rewarding two authors: Robert A. Hunt, and his daughter, Stacey T. Hunt.

We challenge our readers to check out some of our greatest work. Don't miss out!