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Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday, 13 January 2014

Robert A. Hunt resides in his home land of Canada, British Columbia and continues to be a committed story teller. In between building and studying, Robert finds time to write science fiction fantasy which he contends may not be so fiction and unattainable after all. “We still have so much to learn about the world we live in.” Robert, a full time author, has no plans of slowing down. When Robert is not writing, he is spending time with his family or exploring the beauty of North America because, for him, it is the best place to let his mind free.

‘Genation: Earth Volk’ kicks off the Genation series; a world of complexity and excitement with other titles as, ‘Grizz Rise of the Blackguard’ (Available now) which is the back story of Grizz, who is an essential character of the Genation series; ‘Verticus,’ (Also available now) ‘Insectivolk wars’ and ‘Ultimate Power’ (Both available soon). Other titles from Robert A. Hunt include; ‘Jasper and the Shelter of Angels,’ The legend trilogy; ‘The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend,’ ‘The Coalmont Legend’ and ‘The Cross Breed Legend’ (All are available now.)