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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Exclusive Updates from Author Stacey T. Hunt

First of all, thanks to all 800+ people who entered my #WoMC Giveaway, and congrats to the 10 lucky readers who won! I've sent your copies last week, so expect that in the mail in a couple of weeks. But really, I'm surprised on how enthusiastic you all were! I even received such amazing messages on the giveaway, telling me how excited they were for it. In my last giveaway, which was for THE PROPHECY last year, had half the amount of participants this year. I wrote an entire blog post on my own site telling you how thankful I was, so check that out, if you like!

I'm also INCREDIBLY pleased to finally announce the official release of TWISTER (World of Many Colors, book 2) in eBook format. Finally you can continue the rest of Jesse and Ashton's story from behind your electronic screen. Man, who DOESN'T love the convenience of technology? (Okay, well, for the most part.) I wrote another blog post in more detail on TWISTER's digital release, including purchase links and a little backstory on my inspiration for this book.

And lastly, I'm sure you've already heard of the Smashwords Summer/Winter 2014 sale? Of course you have. Well, what kind of author would I be if I didn't partake in this gorgeous steal-of-a-deal?

Well, here's the link for the list of books I'm enrolling in this sale (spoiler: they're ALL free for the entire month of July, so hurry!!!)

And... I'm fairly certain that's all the delicious gossip for now about me. Of course, if you insist on more, feel free to follow me on my own site, and as I'm sure you can tell, I try to keep my blog as professional as possible (you can tell this is true because of how often I talk about vomit--nothing says professional like vomit!).

As a side-note, I didn't sign up to be an author in desperate expectations of money. I didn't start writing because I wanted to be famous. I do what I do for the pure love and joy of it. I do what I do because I know that in my heart I was born a story-teller. For as long as I can remember, I've had so much ideas and creative energy in my head, and writing them down felt like the only way to burn off that aforementioned creative energy. And I kept going because of two reasons: I really liked being in control of my own special universe, and others liked visiting it. I was always inspired to write by my dad, but when I see myself inspiring others, I feel completely and entirely honored.

So, I guess I'll be seeing you later, then. Have a good one.


- Stacey T. Hunt {but online buds call me Sora :)}

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

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