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Sunday, 25 October 2015

First 3 Chapters FREE By Robert A. Hunt.

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First 4 Chapter FREE! Twister by Stacey T. Hunt.

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FREE Sample of Trick (World of Many Colours) by Stacey T. Hunt

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Sixteen-year-old Jesse Tynan is an antisocial boy with a prosthetic leg. His simple, isolated way of living is altered forever when he's entranced by the mysterious and seemingly gentle Emberlee Whitmore. When she invites him to a Friday-night party in New Jersey, he hardly expects to witness the murder of a young girl--much less a murder committed by a strange boy with a glass eye and a ghastly overbite who goes by the name Ashton Blake. Then the body crumples to ashes.

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The Cross-Breed Legend by Robert A. Hunt Free Sample!

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A series of unexplained deaths has the entire city of Albany on edge. Otherwise normal, healthy seventeen year olds have been discovered dead in their beds with expressions of extreme terror or agony on their faces. At the same time, a strange rumor has been circulating that if someone falls in their dreams, and doesn’t wake up before landing, they’ll die in real life. 

Game of Nightmares By Stacey T. Hunt, First 6 Chapters FREE!

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