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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Do you feel like crap this Christmas? Like your family and friends have turned against you?
Well you're not alone after all. Read what happened to Jasper and what he did about it...
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Thursday, 15 December 2016

There's just one word to describe the Crater mountain Sasquatch Legend;
Fun, fun, fun!

Here is a sample from the novel;

Above all, the three guests were attracted to the taste of sugar. The only thing good about it was how it distracted everyone.
The more Trevor thought about taking a bath, the more important it became. He smelled like Squatch. He’d never been so dirty and smelly in all his life. ‘Why not?’ he mused, ‘Why shouldn’t I clean up? These wild bush people wouldn’t think anything of my nakedness, and besides, they’re so busy eating my food. They probably won’t even notice what I’m doing. If I leave them alone, they’ll leave me alone.’ he calculated.
Pouring the bucket of hot water into the tub, followed by a second bucket of cold water. Trevor shed his clothes and stepped into it. Awkwardly, in the silence, he found the others looking at him.
Sitting down quickly into the bath water the others laughed and laughed. Before long Gurchukk and Tunoka lost interest in Trevor and went back to licking the sugar and salt from the floor.

Trevor didn’t expect to feel embarrassed bathing in plain view of his guests but he was. They weren’t as wild and uncivilized as he presumed. When they no longer paid attention to him, he relaxed.

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