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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Jasper and the Shelter of Angels

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I realized at a very young age that I loved telling stories. It is a creative world all my own, where I say what goes. What greater escape is there? I understand not everyone has this gift. There are others who’d much rather observe what someone else is creating than to create their own. This is also a great way to escape. Personally, I’m inspired by other people’s creativity.

I’m talking about writers and readers; movie producers and the audience.

When I was five years old the first movie I saw in 1977 was Star Wars. It blew me away. It changed the lives of countless people and gave them hope in the world of creativity. Of course Star Wars isn’t the only story to encourage people this way but it is the most prominent for myself.

Within my own world of creativity, everything had to rise to the height that star wars lifted the bar of action and adventure to.
Here’s an sample from my book: Jasper and the Shelter of Angels;

The damned; once magnificent Angels, now squirming and writhing, tormented and Fallen.
A hideous scream rose up causing the Demons to quiver, adding to their fear.
From the depths of the Lake of Fire came a large form. The Prince of Darkness emerged from the surface of toiling magma. Wiping the red hot glowing dross from his face and shoulders, revealing his twisted dog-like grin, he fixed his yellow eyes on his unexpected guests. As some of the red hot souls of the damned fell from his body, he would pluck them off his limbs and pop them into his mouth. He chewed them up and spat them out.
The evil look in his eyes was full of contempt and pure hatred for the Son of the Most High. From his fore-head, horns grew like those of a mountain goat’s. His skin was sickly, red hot and glowing. His malignant, gloomy expression quickly changed to that of a fake twisted smile, and his teeth were stark white and sharp fangs were exposed like a vampire’s.
“For what reason have You chosen to bless my humble abode with Your presence, my Lord?” asked the Devil maliciously.
“One amongst you does not belong here.” spoke the Angel, Wilson, “We... want... him... Back!!! Give to us the Angel who is handsome, bold and exquisite. Give us West!
The Devil shrieked in pain. “Yay! I was the most beautiful, charming and gorgeous of all the Heavenly hosts!” Satan shot a glare at the Son of God. “At one time... Do you remember?”
“Do not waste our time with your malicious words and unending nonsense. Give us West, now!” Commanded Joel as he unsheathed his sword. When he lifted his sword high, white fire and light exploded from its crackling and hissing blade.
For a moment the white light reflected in the Devil’s widened eyes. Lifting his great lava dripping arm to shield his bright yellow gaze, he said. “What’s in it for me?” The Devil partitioned under the weight of his annoyance.
Courageously moving past the others, Jasper approached the hideous, gigantic face of the Prince of Darkness. No fear was found in Jasper, only pure, unfaltering faith. Speaking calmly but firmly, Jasper said, “You will give us the Angel, West, or we will take him...”
“Then take him... If you can...” The words slithered from the Devil’s lips like poisonous vipers. “For, you see, West is no property of yours any longer.” Unrolling a scroll, the Devil presented a contract for West’s soul and at the bottom of the contract was West’s signature. “He belongs to me now, and in time, I will collect all of your Angels in this same way.” Satan began to laugh in his booming boastful way. He loved to make fools of the Heavenly folk in the presence of his Demons, but it was so much more savory when he could make a fool of God’s Son.
The Angels could hardly believe their friend, West would ever become so deceived as to finally break down and sign himself away to such a detestable adversary as the Devil, but there it was. West’s signature, as clear as day.
Jesus’s robe began to glow brightly with the light of Heaven and the dark cavern of Hell became full of light. Then Jesus spoke to Satan, “Do you think I cannot see through your deception, old Prince of Lies? It is obvious, this is just a mere forgery and not the true signature of West. Your contract is worthless.”
When the Devil realized he could not dupe Jesus, it irritated him to no end. The scroll in the Devil’s hand burst into flames. What little was left of it crumbled to ash. Satan began to toil and scream in the presence of God’s holy light.
Then Jesus sent out the Angels saying, “Go now, call to West, and he will answer you.”
Scouring the depths of Hell for their lost companion, the six Angels called with loud voices and the sound of trumpets, “West! Where are you! Call out to us, your loving friends, and we will save you!” Jasper remained up in the Devil’s face keeping him distracted.
The Angels continued calling out to their lost friend, “West! Hear our call. End your pain. Come home to us, West... Come home...”
Many Demons lied and shouted out that they were West, but the Angels could not be fooled. Time went on and finally, Jasper, in all his shimmering armor of God, unsheathed his sword of truth and held its sharp point up under the red bony chin of Satan. The light of Jasper was uncomfortable for Satan to look at so he tried to look away.
“You tire us.” Jasper spoke confidently though he was new to the spiritual realm which made him unpredictable. “You will be rid of us and our Holy Glory, when we have West.”
The Devil glared at Jasper, You, Jasper! I remember you! It isn’t fair, with the sinful life you lived, to now be counted amongst the Angels. You know you’re not worthy. The Devil turned to speak directly to Jesus, Listen, I tell you what, give me Jasper and I’ll gladly give you West.
You know, I do not make deals with the Devil. I don’t participate in your games. None of us will. Now I command you, in the name of My Father, give West to us, now! the voice of the Lord nearly started the ceiling to cave in.
Though it pained the Devil to accept defeat, he finally thrusted his hand down under the surface of the Lake of Fire and fished around for a moment in the swill of the dammed and liquid fire. Retracting his arm, the Devil held the ugliest Demon. When the Angels saw their friend and what he had become. They could not recognize him. Not only was he deformed but his mind had been altered beyond the brink of madness.
The Devil laughed, and he laughed and he laughed. This was the moment the Devil had been building up to. It was all a big joke to him and it actually pleased him to return the Angel who had finally converted to his Demonic standards.
Two long horns grew from West’s fore-head. His eyes were sunken and black. A long tongue hung out of his mouth. And his mouth was full of sharp teeth. This Demon was truly, West.
The six Angels encircled the fist of Satan that gripping their friend so tight. Squeezing, the Devil meant to crush West and disable his spirit under the confounding pressures of Hell. Joel swooped in and slashed at the closed fisted claw of the Dark Prince. With his burning sword, Joel cut him deep causing Satan to release his grip. The Angels circled around their Demon ensnared friend as he fell before taking him up and saving him from re-entering the bubbling gaseous swill again.
Though West’s Demonic Spirit didn’t appear burned, he had suffered excruciating high temperatures of 15,000 C along with immense pressures. Under the forces of hatred, darkness and extreme cruelty that West’s spirit suffered, he also had foregone deep mental and emotional abuse. The Angels brought the corrupted form of West before Jesus. Still inflamed in the white blaze of fire, Jesus said, “Release him.” The shackles opened and fell from West’s wrists.
Then West lashed out at Jesus and tried to shred him with his claws. The Angels were surprised by this and shouted, “West, no!”
Through it all, Jesus remained calm and unscathed, he just leaned back and was outside of West’s reach. Then the others could see that Jesus was holding West in an invisible grip. Still West sneered and tried to attack the Lord. Then West began to speak, “You left me! You had forsaken me! I tried to get out but you did not come! I hate you all!”
These words greatly disturbed the Angels. Jasper realized, he was not prepared for this. He did not expect West to be so utterly consumed with bitterness and hate.
Jesus turned his head to Jasper and the Angels before he said, “As you can see, your friend has unfortunately fallen and at some point accepted his fate in this realm. There is no faith left in him.” Then Jesus looked directly at Jasper, “Can there be a way to forgive such deep sinfulness? Look at him, he completely rejects Me.”
The Devils laughter could be heard growing again. “But he will accept me now. Your friend who you all looked up to once now worships me.”
“Is my faith not sufficient, Lord?” Jasper asked, “Is not the faith of all of us combined sufficient enough to save him?”
“What matters is West’s faith and as I said, he has none anymore. What would you have me do, Jasper?” The Lord was trying to make a point that though it was a difficult choice, West might be lost to them forever now. Jasper wanted to tell Jesus to let West decide, but he was not certain what the outcome would be, finally Jasper said, “We have to do something. This shouldn’t have happened to him. He must be saved. None of it was his choice.”
West, in his Demonic form, hung weightlessly before the Lord. Holding out his hands to West at either side, Jesus began to spin West around slowly. His tattered bat-like wings almost touched Jesus as he slowly spun. Finding the deep wound in West’s back, where the Demonic blade had pierced him, the Lord touched the wound, immediately restoring it. While Jesus kept his hand pressure to West’s back, the white fire came down his arm and covered over West’s bodily form. This was a very different fire than that of Hell. This was the fire of renewal. A baptismal fire.
Lowering to the surface of the black brimstone floor, Jesus found a small cesspool. As Jesus climbed into the hot thick black liquid, his contact to it changed its composition and the black swill of disease became clear, clean water. Next, Jesus telekinetically lowered West into the pool of water with him. Submerging West into the water completely, so began a baptism of thorough cleansing. At first it appeared the water was like acid as West was being eaten away, but it was the darkness and malice that was actually dissolving. The horns of his head fell off and the look of a bat was washed away. When Jesus lifted West up out of the water. He looked like himself again, but his eyes were completely black. The eyes are the window to the soul, and through them Jesus could see he had to take a small wooden cup from his bag and offer some of the water to West. When West drank it, it was like drinking of the Lord’s love and light. West’s great white wings stretched straight up out of the water and the light of his spirit began to glow brightly.
From within the white flames, all could see West undergo another transfiguration. From a Demon, he changed back to his robust, Angelic self. The power of Christ washed him as white as snow, and West was made whole and completely renewed.
Startled, West seemed to awaken from a nightmare. “No soul should endure such torment.” As West recalled all he’d been through, his inner light began to flicker and dim. The Angel wept and the sight of it deeply affected Jasper. Then, with a shaken urgency, West began to speak. “This fire awaits those who do not choose You, my Lord. They must not come here for even one second, much less for all eternity.” He began to worship his Lord and master. Then the six Angels and Jasper, also bowed down and worshipped Him. They sang praises to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords for the blessings of Love and mercy that was extended to their friend.
Before the Demons bowed down to Jesus, the Insufferable Six appeared. Morbidant and her band of Demon elite were ready to oppose their Angel foes in this; their final battle.
Jasper stood quite a distance from Jesus, where he observed the battle. As the Seven Angels rushed in to confront their long lasting adversaries, they quickly became locked in close contact quarrelings. It wasn’t long before the Insufferable Six began to gain the upper hand again.
It was not easy to see the Angels bested, but the entire skirmish didn’t make a lot of sense to Jasper.
Diolucious was busy strangling Wilson and if it wasn’t for Roger’s ice sword and Taila’s searing light, he might have been the next to wind up in a deep dungeon. From the battle, Wilson managed to escape and make his way to Jesus. “Lord, as with so many times before, the Insufferable Six prove to be too powerful for us. Is there something you could say to grant me insight enough to put them away for good this time?”
Jesus looked at Wilson and smiled before he said, “There may be something you can do.” Lifting his finger, Jesus pointed across the cavern to Jasper who hid in the darkness. “Go to Jasper. Ask him for a suggestion or two. He just might surprise you.”
“Yes, my Lord. Right away.” Wilson answered. Shooting across the open space directly to Jasper, Wilson did not hesitate before asking, “Jasper, the Insufferable Six are over taking us. What would you suggest we do?”
“Well, I can see fine now, as you know, but it’s hard to tell you Angels apart in this darkness but when Jesus glows brighter it becomes easier.” Jasper said.
Wilson looked to Jesus and it was as though he could read his thoughts. Raising his arms, Jesus robe began to brighten and the cavern was filled with light. What they looked upon was a treasure trove of evil. Satan and his Demons shielded their eyes and shrieked. Insects, rodents and reptiles scurried to hide from the light of the Lord. Hell was a complexity of stone shapes and endless hot caverns. Only the Devil knew what vile acts took place within, and perhaps only the Devil should know. Each cavern led to the great lake of fire.
Wilson asked, “How can we defeat these villains, Jasper?”
In the bright light of the Lord, Jasper said, “Why ask me? I’m just some guy you met. You are Angels. I expect you’ll say something like; ‘We need some time to implement a plan. If we could create a distraction, you and I could speak to Taila and West.’
“Wh-why Taila and West? They seem like rather unlikely Angels to help at this time.” Wilson said.
“West has been here the longest and he knows these caverns well enough not to get lost in them. Taila can look into the future and we need to know how the enemy might beat us so we change what could happen.” Jasper whispered these words of encouragement and Wilson was pleased with what he heard.
“Of course. You do have your moments, Jasper, when you inspire hope in us. Quickly now, come with me. I will be your eyes.”
Jasper flew behind Wilson and followed him into the caves. There, Wengroangrinch closed in on West again, forcing him back. Then Wengroangrinch commanded Demons to attack West from every angle. It was not Wengroangrinch’s plan to simply terrorize West, but to have an entire legion of his most vile Demons subdue him completely and recruit him. West created a tornado effect that pulled all of Wengroangrinch’s Demons together and battered them away in a scattered and dazed conclusion. Now locked in one on one conflict, matching strength for strength, West and Wengroangrinch wrestled. Engaged in battle, with the dark-garbed, Demonic figure, they tried to beat submission into one another. Uncertain who would fall first, each blow struck, sand and grit swirling in all directions. Wengroangrinch could see West quickly growing faint. He was not at full, combat ready strength yet.
When Wilson and Jasper caught sight of this, their eyes went wide. Wilson announced, “Your attack will not gain you purpose! This day, expect a reward of contentious flame, Demon!”
Jasper raised his gleaming sword of truth and added in support, “Back away!”
When Wengroangrinch saw he was grossly outnumbered, he backed into the shadows of the great black stones and disappeared into the crude passage. Jasper stood at the mouth of the cave that the demon escaped to. In a no-nonsense way, Jasper felt he was taking charge and contributing to the efforts of his friends.
“West we will need your support to create a distraction. Look for my signal. Have you seen Taila? We need her help.” Wilson said.
“I do not know where she is but I am your best source for mapping these tunnels. I will look for your signal, in the meantime, I cannot let Wengroangrinch escape.” West turned and darted off into the caves in search of his enemy.

Catapulting through the opening that led to a deep pit, Morbidant forced Elana back out of the passage completely. Elana and Morbidant battled on the narrow ledge that encircled the great pit. A string of dark electrons shot at Elana, but she deflected them with the use of her bull whip. She attacked with a ferocity that seemed to have Morbidant stymied. With quick hard strokes, Elana didn’t give up any more ground. She bore into her adversary, deliberately engaged in close-quarters combat, refusing to let the other power up again.
Upon high ridges, Demons and Imps risked sneaking out of hiding to see the conflict. They carried long shafted spears and leather hand ball-slings for long distant fighting.
Morbidant’s ragged face took on a frenzied look and the glitter of her green glowing eyes brightened with uncertainty. Then Morbidant had enough. She back flipped across the melting pit. When she reached the other side, she bent her legs against the wall and launched herself back across to Elana. With a parried down stroke, she whirled swiftly to the right and with her back to the Angel, made a blind reverse lunge.
It was too late, Elana recognized the danger and with the precise timing of a choreographed dance, Elana shot out her whip and caught Morbidant across her chest. The laceration; so deep, it almost clove the dark witch in two. Morbidant’s face twisted with wrath, but her fighting will was spent. Screaming an insidious haunting sound, Morbidant retreated into the darkness to lick her wounds and recuperate.

Wilson found Starr and Joel battling Diolucious and Krustatious. The two Demon sister’s primal screams had barely sounded before they were on top of Joel and Starr. Wheeling their swords about, the four combatants became locked in a battle of lashing blades and skill. Starr and Joel began to gain the upper hand but at the last moment, before the deciding blow, Krustatious opened her bat-like wings releasing a swarm of vicious little Imps. Balancing precariously in the swaying current of the swarm, Joel’s eyes flared with his jaw tight to keep it together.
Joel tried to hold them off but there was too many of them. Starr backed away and opened her broad wingspan when she too opened a portal, releasing a flock of her loyal doves.
Closing of the gap between them, Joel forced his way through the chaos and launched white flames from his fists. Diolucious and Krustatious leaped in opposite directions as the flames reached out at them. The enemies backed away as the few shots from Joel’s fists were quite accurate and not easy to dodge.
“Can you point us in the direction of Taila?” Wilson asked.
Joel was quick to answer, “It’s not easy to know where anyone is in this random network of caves.”
Starr hesitated, but finished by saying, “Last we saw Taila, she was heading that way.” She pointed across the chasm.
Wilson nodded and looked off in the direction his friend pointed out. It was within hailing distance over a network of caverns and standing stone formations. They flew off in that course.
When Wilson and Jasper found Vyxcious he was kicking up dust with a low growl down the steep ramp way. Thundering his giant form into the tight crevasse of high walls, they followed close behind him. The way he moved looked like he was about to attack one of the Angels.
At the end of the long crevasse, Vyxcious was about to get his hands on Taila, who screamed. Wilson’s brow furrowed before the boy electrocuted Vyxcious’s face. Jasper took hold of his sword and jabbed it into the giant’s foot.
Wilson and Taila quickly flew up out of the crevasse and Jasper raced to keep up with them. Wilson’s face mirrored Jasper’s equal concern for Taila. When they could see she was not hurt, Wilson asked, “Taila, can you tell me how this situation is going to turn out?” Wilson asked.
Her demeanor darkened, “As it is, our future does not look good. I see our fate through Satan’s eyes. If we don’t think of something quick, it won’t be long before Satan has each of one of us turned into permanent monuments of stone!” Taila warned them. Her face, alight with a deep knowledge, remained calm and her gaze steady.
“Oh boy, this doesn’t sound good, Jasper.” Wilson winced.
“Don’t give up hope! Let’s find West and signal him to start the distraction.” Jasper insisted.
Wilson looked around and saw a plume of air blow out from the mouth of a cave. “If I were a gambler. I’d wager West is in there. Follow me!”
The light in the great chasm began to grow dim. Roger, locked in a game of cat and mouse with Gewgaw looked up at the source of the light and noticed Jesus’s arms were beginning to weaken. As the Lord’s outstretched arms came down at each side, the light of his robe diminished. Roger left his assailant and darted up to Jesus. There, he came around behind him and helped to hold his arms up. The holy light of the Lord’s robe grew bright again instantly.
As Roger scanned the interior of Hell, he commented, “The Demons. There are too many of them.”
“In my weakness we are made strong.” Jesus told Roger. “Back me up to the stone columns. I will hold onto them to keep my arms up. To keep such an energy present in such darkness as this is draining. Fight the good fight Roger, but you should bring this battle to a close soon.”
Roger did not have to return to Gewgaw, for Gewgaw came charging at him from below. The Demon had come to life in a most malevolent manner and spat his poisons from his palms like some kind of veldt viper. Gewgaw attacked with his ecto-slime as he spat malicious streaks of his sinister, concentrated substance. All Roger could do to win back the fight at all was ward the Demon back with his water sword.
Wheeling and spinning, Roger leaped and somersaulted with astonishing ease. Gewgaw moved with him, drawing him to a place of his own choosing. Roger’s agility and dexterity allowed him to remain at bay from the threat of his spear. Gewgaw constantly attacked while at the same time effectively blunting Roger’s counterattacks, he relentlessly searched for an opening in his defense. Then Gewgaw attacked with ferocity and determination.
Roger’s best efforts were not good enough for an early resolution. They fought their way out of the tight cave and along a narrow stone catwalk. Shadow people came up, pulling and biting at Roger’s ankles. Roger was almost dragged off the catwalk. He looked down at the deep shadow he was suspended over. In the heat of the battle, Roger noticed Gewgaw’s face shine with his own peculiar joy of the situation. With a quick poke from Gewgaw’s spear, Roger was prodded off balance and completely slipped from the rock edifice to be covered over with darkness.
Gewgaw turned and prowled back into the cave like a caged predator, in search of his next Angel victim. Then he paused. There was no scream from the Angel. The smelting pit were just beyond the dark shadow. ‘Why was there no scream?’ Gewgaw was determined to find out.

-A sample from the novel; Jasper and the Shelter of Angels-

By Robert A. Hunt