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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

We, at Wordpainter Books, are so excited for this latest review for the novel; 'The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend.'

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on May 13, 2017
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Thursday, 4 May 2017

And the Shelter of Angels

As a result of Jasper’s “on the job accident,” he awakens in a hospital bed with seven Angels standing around him. A moment of confusion enthralls them for Jasper should not be able to communicate with them at all. The doctor tells Jasper that his accident was nothing less than a miracle. The only substantial repercussions of the accident was blindness. Such an event would have rendered any other man dead or crippled. Jasper tries to convince the doctors that he is not blind at all but rather, he is able to see much more than ever before. His account of possessing the ability to see and speak to Angels only convinces the doctors that Jasper is not yet himself. Support and confidence is soon stripped away from the young man as his family and friends try to deal with his radical changes.
Before long Jasper finds that he has the ability to see much more than just Angels. He is also capable of seeing demons and other Angels interacting amongst the living and they’re engaged in intense spiritual warfare. The Angels begin to protect and lead Jasper. A trust is established and the more time Jasper spends in the company of the Seven Angels, their friendship grows. Jasper tries to go back to his regular life, but with the Angels near him all the time, he begins to realize that his life will never be the same again. Seraphims, reveal to Jasper and the Angels the path of their next step which will bring them closer to the Master’s mysterious plan.
As fate would have it, they’re lead to a farmer who is in need of help and an agreement is made where Jasper’s help as a working hand on the farm becomes a mutual answer to prayer. Little did Jasper know but his experience would only prepare him for what the Lord has planned for him.
When Jasper is forced to leave the farm, the Angels lead him to a secret place of serenity. He climbs high into the mountains to the very peek. There they explain to him of the great abundance of food and shelter that is all around him. Everything he needs is in nature and as he discovers these simple treasures, he feels a great sense of being one with the earth.
Jasper spends many days and nights at this new place of peace, but when he goes back to visit the farmer who was kind to him, he finds that the elderly man is preparing for his death. At this time he feels compelled to give all of his livestock to Jasper because he knows Jasper will care for them more than his own family would for they were not farmers at all.
Jasper’s secret domain becomes a very productive location with all of the farm animals and vegetation. He is soon instructed by the Angels to recruit some people to his divine location. The Angels lead Jasper on a mission of divinity and excitement, from the poor little town of Princeton to the sinful city of Kingston. There he was led on an eventful quest to locate the people who would join him. They follow Jasper to his promise of free living, but when the people arrive to Jasper’s little retreat, the novelty and excitement of the experience quickly wears off. The people begin to blame Jasper for bringing them all the way out to the middle of nowhere to live a farmer’s life of hard labor. At a time when everyone was just about to give up on Jasper, the Angels reveal themselves.
A great storm, sweeps over the land. Towns and cities are left without power and the people have great difficulties coping with the aftermath of nature’s destructive hand.
The Angels and Jasper lead the people back to the wounded city of Kingston. Many innocent lives were saved along the way. There they build a great air purifier of three stages. As the city begins to restore itself from the effects of the storm, they find the strange new air purifier in operation. Great interest is made from local news reporters.
When Jasper and his people are interviewed, they tell of God’s compassion for the world and how he wants the people of the world to take part in the responsibility for the planet. An explanation is made for how the air purifier is to be the first of its kind to begin cleaning and restoring our atmosphere to its original and natural state.
The people respond positively. They begin to build many other purifiers all over the planet. Nations begin to compete with other nations as they race to build the world’s biggest and best purifier. They compete to be the planet’s most noble hero.
During such intense competitiveness, the leaders of the world begin to fight and the world is driven to the very brink of war. When a voice begins to call out for someone to be accountable for the planet’s disagreements, they trace their problems back to one man, Jasper.
In an attempt to keep the planet from war, the world decides that a trial and judgement of this one man would suffice to bringing peace. The death of Jasper is found to be required to shock the world enough to stop the war.
A wonderful reunion of Jasper and his Seven Angel friends is set in Heaven at which time Jasper finally has the opportunity to meet his wonderful maker face to face.

On a personal note, this book was a wonderful undertaking to write. I felt like I was on a spiritual journey that mirrored Jasper’s. In a lot of ways, this story seemed to unfold and write itself.
Thank you for your interest in seeking the divine within us all,

Robert A. Hunt,