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Friday, 30 June 2017

Back when I was thirteen, I awoke from a dream with a need to write. I thought it was because I was having very vivid dreams. I wrote from the stories and visions that I was waking up with but through time I came to realize, the ideas and stories couldn't have possibly come from my own imaginings. I came to this conclusion for a couple of reasons. One is the strange markings on my body that I was waking up with. They were three fingered scratches. The other reason was the implants under the skin of my left leg. It started with one. I tried to cut and dig it out, but another would appear. I have three now. I am 45 years old now and I have written many stories.

You can check them out on

I can also remember more than just stories. It's not much more, but I have had intelligent creatures telepathically install stories into my mind. Their voices are forgotten, but their message is an echo in my thoughts. They said my stories are designed to be a benefit to mankind. They wanted the story, Genation to be specifically titled 'Genation,' because this is a trigger word. Alien abducted people will hear or read this story title and recognize it somehow. "They will be drawn to it." I was told.

The story is entertaining and insightful but its deeper hidden meaning will be significant to abductees who are looking and waiting for it.

If you think you are one of these abductees, please let me know. I was also told what the word Genation would mean to an abductee, so tell me what Genation means to you and I will recognize you.

This has consumed my life as I know it. I am a slave to the will of these creatures, whatever they are. I think this is my purpose on this planet. You might think it is all just made up, that's fine, I really don't know what to think of it at all. I just deal with it and write.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Perhaps this Bigfoot phenomenon deserves a second look. I wrote a story based on tell-tale legends from my area. When I immerse myself in the woods under the mountains of BC Canada, I often get an eerie feeling. Some times I feel like something is watching me. Other times I see movements that shouldn't happen in places where I know I am completely alone. I might hear the snapping of twigs or the creaking of old trees. There have been times when I'll stumble across a pile of logs and trees that appear to be entirely out of place and not natural.

Recently I have put together a video segment from my novel and as I brought the pages to life I was amazed at the chilling involvement if I were to put myself in the character's place.

 I became interested in the Sasquatch tales as a young boy when I first heard the story of Jacko the captured young Bigfoot from Yale BC. I live near Yale and passed through the town many times but their have been other official and often government reports of our hairy friend of the mountains. Check out this video.

But this video was particularly interesting to me because here you'll see a veteran woodsman trying to convince skeptical scientists that Bigfoot exists.

I hope you enjoy this Blog.