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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Perhaps this Bigfoot phenomenon deserves a second look. I wrote a story based on tell-tale legends from my area. When I immerse myself in the woods under the mountains of BC Canada, I often get an eerie feeling. Some times I feel like something is watching me. Other times I see movements that shouldn't happen in places where I know I am completely alone. I might hear the snapping of twigs or the creaking of old trees. There have been times when I'll stumble across a pile of logs and trees that appear to be entirely out of place and not natural.

Recently I have put together a video segment from my novel and as I brought the pages to life I was amazed at the chilling involvement if I were to put myself in the character's place.

 I became interested in the Sasquatch tales as a young boy when I first heard the story of Jacko the captured young Bigfoot from Yale BC. I live near Yale and passed through the town many times but their have been other official and often government reports of our hairy friend of the mountains. Check out this video.

But this video was particularly interesting to me because here you'll see a veteran woodsman trying to convince skeptical scientists that Bigfoot exists.

I hope you enjoy this Blog.

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